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December 2017

Review of

The videos of testimonials on look real until the point where you see the offer below them. The company actually offers 10% off to those who send out video testimonials, which is not only unprofessional, but seriously wrong. It seems like the company is buying good testimonials by offering to reduce the cost if you create such videos, which we found to be very frustrating.

Regardless, we decided to continue with our evaluation of this essay writing service, and write a paperhelp review that will show you what the company offers. Since there are not many paperhelp reviews to be found online, we are guessing that this company hasn’t been on the market for long, which makes it even more necessary to look into their features one by one.

List of Services

You will find that the list of services at this company is extensive, including all commonly assigned papers such as essays, term papers and dissertations, as well as some less popular assignments such as poster presentations, reflective reports and speeches.

For a company to be a good choice of a regular content provider, they need to offer assistance not only to students of all academic levels, but also with a variety of subjects students need throughout their education. The range of services offered at is quite wide, making this company a solid choice of a regular content provider.

Interestingly, the longest deadline offered at this company is 14 days, and this applies also to more complex papers such as dissertations and theses. And while the prices are affordable, students often prefer to order such complex papers ahead, since rushing a dissertation in only two weeks cannot possibly result in high quality content.

Knowing this, we became much worried about the quality offered here. According to the very few reviews we found online, paperhelp does not have a good reputation in terms of quality, especially with such complex assignments. It seems like the company has rushed into creating the options for ordering papers, without taking into consideration how much time a paper would actually need.


As we said, prices at are highly affordable, and can even be considered low. The starting rate for an essay within 10 days costs $10 for undergraduate, $16 for bachelor and $19 for professional. Prices increase as the deadline shortens, as well as based on the paper and academic level of the student.

Still, they remain very cheap, which is probably why the company has such low reputation on the market.

As you can see, there is no option for Master’s or PhD students here, and the company puts both these academic levels into a single category. This was yet another sign that the company does not take complexity and academic level writing requirements seriously.

Discounts and Additional Features

Except for the offered bonus you can only get if you create a good testimonial for the company, there is no existing first-time discount or a bulk order discount on the website. We were looking to find a paperhelp discount code that you can use to reduce the quotes, but there is none.

If there is an actual loyalty program like the website says, the fact that they ask customers for video testimonials to get a discount is even more disturbing. The loyalty program here is not like the other loyalty programs you have seen, in the sense that it functions on a bonus system.

Once you place your first order and pay the full price for the paper, you get a 10% bonus on that sum. Then you can use this sum on the next order, and continue with this system. This means that you do not actually get lifelong discounts, but get a discount depending on the size and cost of your previous order.

Unfortunately, this means that the discounts are small when you actually manage to order ahead and get a good rate, and big when you have already spent a fortune on your previous paper. In all cases, the customer is at loss.